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COLLECTIONS: Enamelled jewellery

Helens jewellery collection exploits the translucent qualities of glass, combining coloured lead-free enamel with sterling silver.

Enamel disc necklace from £270

The main process Helen uses is a traditional and challenging enamelling technique called 'plique a jour', Literally meaning 'light of day'. The enamel has no metal backing allowing light through to create an effect like stained glass.

The enamel, a fine powdered glass is heated in a kiln to over 700c where it melts and becomes set into its metal former. Individually handmade silver elements made from wire and sheet provide structure and strength to the delicate glass.

Enamel disc bracelet £130

Helen uses simple lines and shapes in combination with each other to create striking yet wearable jewellery.

The result is a collection with a simplicity and a delicacy which allows the beauty of the coloured glass to shine.

Multi-Drop hoops £195

As with all Helen's making, using recycled materials plays an important role in designs. Scrap silver from the workshop is reclaimed and used in numerous pieces which have hammered discs. Where possible, the silver sheet and wire used to make the jewellery is also from recycled sources.

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